The Lucky Negroes: The untold story of Caribbean North Americans

Attracted by Canada’s new multiculturalism policy, a headstrong young woman from Trinidad escapes her poor, dysfunctional family to pursue the American dream in 1970’s Toronto, where she begins an unusual love story and works her way from rags to incredible riches. But there is one thing she cannot escape – her crazy Caribbean clan…

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Rich Girl of Compton

It’s time for a new approach. Coming from a different perspective of an African -Canadian girl, Melissa Strong proves that there are opposite comedic challenges that arise from being a misfit in the hood. Following the widely well-known route series “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” parables the opposite dichotomy. The urban version of “2 Broke Girls” brings you “RICH GIRL OF COMPTON”. This comedy episodic premises Melissa growing up from wealthy parents of an accountant and professor from the Caribbean. Her parents want her to get a professional job and not depend on them financially, but she is still finding herself. Her grandfather leaving Melissa and her cousin Keisha a large inheritance with the condition that she runs his popular legacy restaurant, “The Real Spice, Caribbean cuisine”. LA-based Actress and Writer Melissa Strong is the creator of “Rich Girl of Compton”. She is creating a series that will push the envelope through comedy merging 2 cultures together and 2 social-economic classes with captivating characters that are bold, that all viewers relate to. There is plenty of mileage for the comedic side of the Caribbean vs Afro- American culture.

Co Dependent Friends: 

Staring Rami Campbell and Melissa Strong. This Comedy series about two friends. They work at a clothing showroom that people can buy or rent.

Melissa is dependent on Rami for companionship, validation enabling her incompetence. Though his sarcasm of honesty, he helps her through decision making. The friendship is balanced out as she needs to feel needed by Rami helping with his insecurities and dependency. Rami is dependent on Melissa for validation, love, encouragement and finances. Melissa pushes Rami to break out of his emotional and physical shell, therefore she feels needed by Rami.